How does it work?

You collect the waste, we do the rest. So you can focus on what really matters: your customers.
What is a Green Circle Salon?


Introduction call (30min)

In 30 minutes, Maaike or Nicolas will explain you how you can make a difference. You can ask all your questions and then decide for yourself whether you want to become a Green Circle Salon.


Recycling Workshop (1 u)

We will come to you and explain how to recycle easily. It will be a fun hour for you and your team.



After the workshop, we will give you the first collection boxes. From then on, you can start sorting. You will receive a separate bin for hair, aluminium and colouring.
We make recycling easy!


Scheduling transport

Very simple: you send us an e-mail to with the number of boxes to be picked up, and the date you want to get rid of them. If required, our transport partner will be at your salon within 24 hours. Do you wish new boxes? Then just let us know!

More then recycling?

Then it's time to take care of that on your own!

CO₂ footprint calculation

Everything starts with measuring. This is also how we start our Full Circle Process, where we find out where you emit the most CO2. We do this very detailled. We collect 60 data points that clearly show your impact.

We will make a comprehensive report and give advise on how to reduce your CO2 emissions.

CO₂ emissions reduction

We organise a 1-hour workshop in your salon where we share and explain the results of the analysis. Using our collective intelligence and expertise, we draw up an action plan for reducing your CO2 emissions in the coming year, including possible savings on energy and water bills.

How do we recycle?

Recycling hair

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Recycling colouring

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Recycling metal

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Easy to use

95% of our salons found recycling easy

94% of our salons would recommend us to others

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We've got answers. Find the most common queries answered below, and don't hesitate to reach out for any further clarification. We're here to help!
  • 1. What is the cost of becoming a Green Circle Salon?

    You pay an annual contribution of €250. In addition, you pay per empty box you order. How many boxes you need depends on the size of your salon and what type of salon you run. Count on 1 box annually for barbershops or if you don't use aluminium foils. For a salon that also does decolourisation, count up to 1.5 boxes per full-time employee per year. The effective cost is barely between €0.20 and €0.35 per visit!

    Calculate how many boxes you need with the calculator.

  • 2. How can I persuade my customers to support this initiative?

    With 75%* of consumers expressing concern for the environment, transparent communication about your salon's eco-friendly practices can resonate well with your clientele. Many will be pleased to support a business committed to protecting the environment.

    *Climate Action Awareness Report 2022 – Climate Partner

  • 3. What if I decide to exit the program?

    We operate with standard terms and conditions of sale.If you choose to leave the program, notify us three months in advance. Note that there's no need to return the boxes.

  • 4. Can I do more than just recycling?

    Absolutely! Our Full Circle Program, currently under trial with 40 salons in the Benelux region, offers advice on reducing the impact of various aspects including energy and water consumption, transportation, infrastructure, and procurement. Feel free to contact us for more details.

  • 5. Is the program financially beneficial?

    We advise salons to integrate an eco contribution into their prices. At 50 cents per visit, the programme is completely cost-neutral and you create additional revenue with which you can make additional eco-savings to fund and accelerate your salon's sustainability transition. One of our participating salons conducted a survey and found that more than 90% of its customers responded positively to the ecological contribution of even €1! 

  • 6. How many boxes will I need?

    One box accommodates waste from 500 visits. Count on 1 box annually for barber shops or if you don't use aluminium foils. For a salon that also does decolourisation, calculate up to 2 boxes per full-time employee per year. Calculate how many boxes you need using the calculator.

  • 7. Is recycling difficult?

    Not at all! You're likely already sorting paper, cardboard, and plastic. We'll guide you in our workshop on adding hair, excess hair coloring, and metals to your recycling routine, making the process even more streamlined.

  • 8. What happens to the collected hair?

    We have partnered with two innovative organizations to put the collected hair to good use. Human Material Loop transforms cut hair into fibers for clothing, a super innovative and necessary initiative given that many fabrics used in the clothing industry today are not recyclable. This not only introduces a completely natural and recyclable material into the fashion industry but also represents a significant step towards sustainability. Our second partner, Hair Recycle, creates mats and hair socks that are used to absorb oil in rivers, harbors, and industrial sites, leveraging the fact that one kilogram of hair can absorb up to 8 liters of oil. It's all about giving hair a second life in the most eco-friendly way possible!

  • 9. How do you handle metals, especially aluminum?

    While aluminum is recyclable, it becomes non-recyclable when mixed with chemicals. However, we've got it covered! Our partner, Vanheede, specializes in decontaminating metals from your salon, paving the way for infinite recycling opportunities.

  • 10. What do you do with the disposal of excess hair coloring?

    Disposing of excess hair coloring down the drain is detrimental to water quality. To address this, we have partnered with Vanheede to recycle this waste stream. Currently, the coloring is burned in a controlled environment to generate electricity. We are actively exploring more circular solutions to enhance this process further, let us know if you have any ideas.

  • 11. How can I encourage my team to participate?

    The initial workshop plays a crucial role in fostering understanding and enthusiasm for the program. Once your team grasps the importance of sustainability, embracing recycling becomes a natural progression. It's a simple task that integrates seamlessly into your salon's daily operations, allowing everyone to contribute to a greener future.

  • 12. How can I persuade my boss to join the initiative?

    Highlight the myriad benefits that come with joining Green Circle Salons. Not only does it project a positive image, attracting eco-conscious customers and potential employees, but it also offers tangible savings on water and energy bills through our expert advice on reducing CO₂ emissions. It's a move that promises nothing but advantages!

  • 13. What should I do when a recycling box is full?

    Very simple: you send us an e-mail to with the number of boxes to be picked up, and the date you want to get rid of them. If required, our transport partner will be at the doors of your salon within 24 hours. Do you wish for new boxes? Then be sure to let us know too!

  • 14. I have limited space in my salon. Can I still accommodate the recycling boxes?

    You don't need much space. The recycling boxes for hair and metal measure 75x28x28, so they can easily stand in your salon. The box for colouring measures 28x15x35 and you can easily put it in the colouring lab next to the sink. The return box measures 90x40x40, so it's best to keep it in a storage area.

  • 15. Why is calculating my salon's carbon footprint important?

    Understanding your carbon footprint is a pivotal step towards achieving CO₂ neutrality, a goal set by the European Union for 2050. Given that salons consume substantial amounts of water and electricity, this initiative helps in pinpointing areas where you can reduce your carbon emissions. Moreover, with new regulations expected to roll out in the coming years, early adoption gives you a head start in compliance and sustainability efforts.

Any other questions?

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