What does it cost?

The waste programme is there for every hairdresser, salon, stylist, ... You collect the waste, we do the rest.

Together, we make impact.

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Discover our WASTE PROGRAM

Being green shouldn't put you in the red. We recommend to make your customers pay an ecological contribution between 50 cents and 1 euro. Allowing you to focus on what you do best: making your customers beautiful while also earning a little extra with each visit. Money that you can invest in ecological optimisations, or any way you like.

Calculate your impact

Waste Program

Focus only on the waste management process of your salon. This includes:
  • YEARLY FEE€250
  • COST PER BOX€195

How do you recover your contribution?

  • Your cost per visit€0,40 - €0,50
  • Your client's ecological fee€1
  • What you earn per visit€0,50

Inbegrepen in het waste program

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Easily recycle 95% of your salon's Waste

How does it work? It's simple: you collect waste from your hair salon, we do the rest. All our hairdressers say it: 'Recycling has never been so easy'. We start with a recycling workshop for you and your employees. We bring all the supplies: waste boxes, marketing materials and our belief in a greener future. During the workshop, we will explain how to recycle and you can ask all your questions.

Once equipped with the knowledge, you'll become a waste warrior, adept at sorting waste correctly in each bin. When a bin is full, a quick email notification to us ensures a prompt pickup by our sustainable transport partner.

How many boxes will I need annualy?

Calculate how many boxes you need to recycle your waste, what your approximate cost will be and how you can earn it back.

Your salon can annually Master Result saving.

Excess hair coloring:
# dozen nodig per jaar:
Additional revenue*:
* Door 0,50 euro ecologische bijdrage per bezoek te vragen. Het kost jou 0,35 euro per bezoek.

Would you like to join us in making the hairdressing industry sustainable? We would be happy to explain how and what you can do.
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Questions? We are happy to answer them


In addition to the Waste Program, this offers guidance on reducing carbon emissions and conserving water and electricity, with added benefits including carbon footprint calculation and discounts on ecological optimizations. This includes:

Beta testing

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Want to go further? Then check out our FULL CIRCLE PROGRAM.

We take a close look at all sources of CO2 emissions from your business - think energy, water, your building, travel, purchases, waste, and so on. Then we will put our knowledge to work during a workshop in your salon. We combine your ideas with our know-how to create a plan together to reduce your salon's CO2 emissions. Remember that the European Union is aiming for carbon neutrality by 2050. Don't wait until it becomes mandatory, start now!

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