How do we recycle your hair waste?

How do we give your hair waste a second life? That's what we do together with Human Material Loop!

With Green Circle Salons, you easily give the hair waste from your salon a second life. How? Together with Human Material Loop: we collect the hair from your salon, sort it and Human Material Loop turns it into textile fibres.

It is super important to stop and think about all that hair waste. Every year in Europe alone 72 million kilos of hair waste ended up in landfill. Imagine: that's the weight of no less than seven Eifel Towers. A shame to just throw it away, because you can do so much more with it. Revolutionise the textile industry, for instance.

Get to know Human Material Loop

The company Human Material Loop converts hair waste into materials, such as yarn for the textile industry. Human hair is a biodegradable alternative to synthetic fabrics that only decay after 200 years - think polyester. In addition, a hair fibre is highly absorbent and insulating. Ideal for warm jumpers and winter coats. If you think "ieuw, nobody wants to wear that!", you are wrong, soon you will see the material on the catwalk!

From hair to yarn in 3 steps

With the help of Green Circle Salons, you contribute to a more beautiful world yourself. You do so in three simple steps:  

1: Collecting

Collect all hair waste in a box from Green Circle Salons. Once it is full, a carbon-neutral transport partner will arrange collection.  

2: Control

The tailoring company Westlandia weighs your waste and stores it - until there is enough to send on for recycling. This way, we don't do unnecessary transport and our recycling partner can do a good job.

3: Textile transformations

Human Material Loop transforms your hair waste into other creations. Jumpers, for example: 100% natural, allergy-free and produced locally without pesticides or water pollution. They make yarn at their factory in Switzerland, which can then be woven into various textile applications.

Ready to create beauty, not waste?

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