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50% - 60% of the waste produced by salons is currently not recycled - this must change!  Start recycling hair, aluminium foils, colour tubes and colour residues today and save water and energy.
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You collect the waste, we give it a second life

You collect the hair, colouring residues and aluminium from your hair salon, we do the rest. This way, you can easily give 90% of your waste a second life. Wondering how we recycle it? Click below.


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Over 16 000 hairdressers have already embraced this initiative. You too?

Here's why you should:

Do it for the planet – become a waste warrior

Every day, a significant amount of waste is either burned or finds its way into our water systems, harming our planet. We recycle all your hair waste, metal spray cans, excess hair colouring and aluminium foils. That is how you become a real waste warrior!

Do it for your clients

The climate crisis is real, and more people are valuing businesses that prioritize sustainability. By becoming a waste warrior, you not only attract eco-conscious clients but also foster a community that appreciates and promotes green initiatives. Let your salon be a beacon of change, showcasing how sustainability can be seamlessly integrated into daily operations.

Do it for your revenue

Did you know that clients are willing to pay a premium for sustainable hair services? Introducing a small ecological fee not only covers the cost of our program but also provides you with additional revenue. You can reinvest this extra income to further green your salon or enhance your earnings.

Do it in order to save

Utilizing the additional revenue to invest in eco-friendly technologies can significantly reduce your salon's energy and water consumption, saving you money on long-term. It's a win-win — for you and the earth!

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Making your salon more sustainable doesn't have to be expensive

A cost-neutral way to make your salon more sustainable

Being green shouldn't put you in the red. We recommend to make your customers pay an ecological contribution of 50 cents. Allowing you to focus on what you do best: making your customers beautiful while also earning a little extra with each visit. Money that you can invest in ecological optimisations, or any way you like.

A sustainable solution for any salon, large or small!

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What do our waste warriors have to say?

Green Circle Salons was the first step for us to think about sustainability on our own. And then it went super fast and we started seeing what else we could do. It's a super collaboration, especially the interaction between us and Green Circle Salon.

Tilke Beckers
Coiffure Modern

Working with Green Circle Salons makes me feel good. Before this, I thought less about our waste. Now I always feel good when I can give waste a second life.
We also feel that customers are totally on board, 90% of our customers have no problem paying an extra euro for recycling their waste.

Merksem Art Factory

We like it very much. It is definitely not extra work to collect the waste. That's because of the good tools and proper support. We are proud that we at Koffijberg Hairdresses can contribute to a nicer world.

Koffijberg Amsterdam

The great thing is that it is cost-neutral, the customer pays a little more so that we can recycle. Customers respond very positively and I am convinced that in time they will only want Green Circle Salons.

Maikel Van der Valk
Rob Peetoom Den Haag

Our industry creates far too much waste. As an entrepreneur, I therefore think it is important to do my bit for the environment. Green Circle Salons makes this very easy!

Gitte Gys
Colorbar by Gitte



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Do you want to sell impact? Make the world a better place with your sales talents and knowledge of the hairdressing market? Looking for an entrepreneurial challenge? You love supporting (new) team members in their development? Then you are the right person!


Circulair! Why do I care?

Circularity, what does it mean? And can I make a difference as a hairdresser? In this blog we explain to you what it means.


How do we recycle your hair waste?

How do we give your hair waste a second life? That's what we do together with Human Material Loop!


How to give your aluminium a second life

Aluminium can be recycled endlessly, provided you decontaminate it first. This is how we give your colour tubes and foils a second life.


Your leftover hair colouring gets a greener purpose

Leftover hair dye too often ends up in the sink, polluting waterways. A shame, because our planet deserves as much care as the clients in your barber's chair - right? Fortunately, there is a more eco-friendly alternative.

Ready to create beauty, not waste?

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Onze planeet heeft betrokken leiders nodig. Sluit je aan bij meer dan 16.000 Waste Warriors over de hele wereld die de mensen en de planeet mooi houden.

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