How to give your aluminium a second life

Aluminium can be recycled endlessly, provided you decontaminate it first. This is how we give your colour tubes and foils a second life.

Did you know that aluminium is endlessly reusable? One condition: the material must be chemical-free. And that's where the shoe pinches, because colour treatment products are usually full of chemicals. Still, you can tackle that challenge and contribute to a better planet - find out here how.

That stock pile of empty colour tubes and used foils you collect every week in your hair salon? Give them a second chance instead, because waste breaks down extremely slowly. For example, think of an aluminium can that ends up in the sea and takes 200 years to decay. 

Besides, producing new aluminium requires twenty times more energy than processing old material. Important: to get your films and tubes ready for recycling, those chemicals need to be removed. Proper sorting and decontamination is the message - and that's easier than you think.

How do you recover aluminium as a hairdresser?  

With Green Circle Salons, you give aluminium a new life in three steps: 

1: Collecting

Collect your aluminium packaging in a box from Green Circle Salons. As soon as your bin is full, a sustainable transport partner will collect it. 

2: Control

The tailoring company Westlandia measures your amount of waste and checks that it is sorted correctly. Everything is kept there until there is enough to send on for recycling - an environmentally friendly choice.

3: Treatment

Waste manager Vanheeden decontaminates the aluminium. Afterwards, the material is given a second life, for example in the form of new foils and tubes. And the beauty is: this cycle can repeat itself infinitely. 

Ready to create beauty, not waste?

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