Your leftover hair colouring gets a greener purpose

Leftover hair dye too often ends up in the sink, polluting waterways. A shame, because our planet deserves as much care as the clients in your barber's chair - right? Fortunately, there is a more eco-friendly alternative.

Do you recognise that? While preparing your colourings, you always mix a bit extra to make sure you have enough. In the end, you are left with leftovers that you do nothing with. Flushing them away with the tap is harmful to our waterways, we have a better plan!

With Green Circle Salons, you give leftover hair dye a new life in three steps:

Step 1: Collecting

Deposit your leftover colourings in a box from Green Circle Salons. Give us a call as soon as your bin is full, and a sustainable transport partner will pick it up.

Step 2: Check

The tailoring company Westlandia weighs your colourings and checks that they are properly sorted. The waste remains stored there until the quantity is large enough to be forwarded. This takes less time and is better for the environment. 

Setp 3: Controlled burning 

The controlled incineration of dyes generates energy. A good first step, but we are actively looking for an even better recycling solution. Any ideas? Please let us know!

Ready to create beauty, not waste?

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