Circulair! Why do I care?

Circularity, what does it mean? And can I make a difference as a hairdresser? In this blog we explain to you what it means.

The future of hairdressing is circular! Every stylist can make a huge impact by recycling waste, but also by actively making sustainable interventions. Using fewer materials, reusing more and recycling when it's possible: that's the circular economy!

"Reduce > Reuse > Recycle" is how to summarise our life in the (near) future in terms of material use. Avoid using what you don't (really) need, reuse where possible, and recycle where you have no choice.

The linear "Take > Make > Use > Waste" model does not answer all the challenges we face: climate change, resource scarcity and rising prices, biodiversity loss, ocean pollution, mining (looting) construction that destroys human lives and nature, ...

For each product, the salon looks at what is achievable. For example, can you make coffee cups reusable and use less material? Or can you reduce the amount of colouring per customer? Because less colouring is also less expensive!

"If we continue doing things linearly, we will run out of resources globally. That is why it is important to take action now and start doing circular business."

How can you contribute as a hairdresser?

  1. Sort: You can already make quite an impact with Green Circle Salons. You sort, and we give it a second life.
  2. Inspire: Tell your story to your customers, suppliers and everyone you meet. If you can inspire others to start living circularly too, then we will make an impact!
  3. Analyse: Make an analyse what you are currently doing and what could be improved. Can we reuse products or use less materials? And where will we recycle if there is no other way?

Ready to create beauty, not waste?

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